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Computer Networks: salary and job market

The technologist in computer networks works in the development and implementation of computerized systems. It is able to design, deploy, maintain and manage the computer network.

This specialist is responsible for managing computerized environments, providing training and technical support to the user, coordinating projects and providing solutions for computerized environments, selecting and specifying programs and tools and coding applications.

Cloud computing has made significant changes for professionals in this area. Currently, users of a corporate network can access, through a username and password, information and systems from anywhere, not just inside the office. This sharing offers facilities in the management and creation of these networks, but also many challenges, such as information security.

Network security salary

The average salary of a computer network technologist may vary depending on his experience and the size of the company for which he is providing services. A trainee at the beginning of his career will earn just over R $ 2,000 per month, working in a small company. The salary of a master-level specialist in a large corporation may exceed R $ 8,600 per month.

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